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Civil engineers create, improve and protect the environment. The job role of a civil engineer is extremely important as it relates for the overall safety of society in many different levels. They are the people behind the scenes of construction jobs which result in important buildings and structures.

 In total 2483 Civil, Environmental and Construction jobs were posted in for the US out of a total of 6832 posted throughout the year. After analyzing the Civil, Environmental and Construction Industry data from, we are now able to show you the hottest places with the highest demand for CEE jobs in 2018.

So here it is! We present you the best places to find a CEE job according to our 2018 statistics data.

The East seems to concentrate many CEE career opportunities with Pennsylvania concentrating  6,2%, Florida at 6,3% of total jobs posted.

Some of the highest concentrations of jobs in CEE positions can be found in New York where almost 6.6% of 2018 available positions were posted. That sets NY as the third hottest place in US to look for a CEE job.

Texas  continues being the second hottest spot to find a job,  taking 8,8% of total job openings . It is worth mentioning that a similar percentage of jobs has been posted for Texas in the last three years. 

For the fourth year in a row, the best place for a Civil, Environmental and Construction engineer to look for a job is by far in the West coast. California, with 10.8% of total jobs posted has the most opportunities!

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