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The role of the structural engineer is a key component in the construction process of a nation’s infrastructure. It is a really rewarding job to be involved from the design to construction of our world's structures. 

But where are the most career opportunities in structural engineering? Which States offer the most jobs for structural engineers? In this article, we will tell you!

We analyzed the Civil, Environmental and Construction Industry data from, and we are now able to show you the places with the highest demand for Structural Engineering jobs in 2019. 

There is great demand for structural engineers in the U.S., as shown in the map below. In total, 847 structural jobs were posted in for the US out of a total of 7,746 posted throughout the year. Structural engineers  are sought throughout the country, and especially the West and East Coast.

For another year, the best place for a structural engineer to look for a job is in the West Coast by far. California , with 11.6% of total jobs posted, seems to have the most structural career opportunities!

In the Southeast Coast, one has a good chance to find a structural job in Florida who had about 5% of the structural job postings.  Likewise, in the Northeast Coast we have Pennsylvania also concentrating 5% of the job postings.

More jobs were open in New York with 6.4% of job openings being in this state, making it the third hottest place in US to look for a structural job.

Texas  is a real hotspot concentrating a percentage of 9.3% of total job openings having a huge increase of jobs  compared to last year's percentage of 6%!

If you wish, you can review our 2018 results here.