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Geotechnical engineering is the branch of civil engineering that investigates the engineering behavior of earth materials and is a career with amazing possibilities! But where should you head to if you want to follow this career?

After analyzing the Civil, Environmental and Construction Industry job posting data from, we are now able to show you the hottest places with the highest demand for Geotechnical Engineering jobs in 2016. There is significant demand for geotechnical engineers in the US, as shown in the Map below. Geotechs are sought throughout the country, and especially the west and east coast.


4.2% of jobs were posted in Texas and Oregon in 2016. This is a significant drop for Texas, compared to 2015. Texas had a 4.65% drop, on total jobs, compared to 2015 (8.8%). Moreover NY remains a good spot for a geotech career with 4.5% of jobs posted there, just a small drop compared to 2015 (5.3% of the total jobs).

Some of the most exciting jobs in geotech positions can be found in Georgia and Washington where almost 5.5% of 2016 available positions were posted on each state. That sets both states as the third hottest places in US to look for a CEE job.

The second hottest state is located at the Northeastern US. Pennsylvania is a hotspot with a 6,07% of total job openings.

Again, for second year in a row, the best place for a Geotechnical engineer by far to look for a job is in the West coast. California, with 16.29% of total jobs posted seems to have the best opportunities!

If you wish, you can review our 2015 results here.