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The Best Jobs in America offer great pay, work that is satisfying and big growth opportunities. One of these is the job of a Civil Engineer!

Civil Engineering jobs have long been a source for consistent career opportunities and relative job security.  According to Glassdoor's list, Top 50 job in America for 2016, the careers of Civil Engineer is ranked No.36. For the ranking, Glassdoor weighed three factors: Average annual salary, an overall job-satisfaction rating based on a five-point scale, and the number of job openings available for that particular occupation.

Glassdoor reported more than 2,000 open U.S. positions for civil engineers at a median base salary of $65,200. In, in  2016 we reported 3,700+ Civil jobs not including the various specialties such as structural engineering and geotechnical engineering.  

A career in Civil Engineering is both challenging and rewarding, sometimes requires specialization and experience, and needs individuals who want to learn and grow.

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