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Civil engineers create, improve and protect the environment. The job role of a civil engineer is extremely important as it relates to the overall safety of society in many different levels. They are the people behind the scenes of construction jobs which result in important buildings and structures.

In total 3,763 Civil, Environmental and Construction jobs were posted in for the US throughout the year. After analyzing the Civil, Environmental and Construction Industry data from, we are now able to show you the hottest places with the highest demand for CEE jobs in 2022.

So here it is! We present you the best places to find a CEE job according to our 2022 statistics data.

Once more, the best place for a Civil, Environmental and Construction engineer to look for a job lies in the West Coast. California, with 9.74% of total jobs posted has the most opportunities overall! New York is a close second with 9.39% with Texas following with 8.27% of total jobs posted.

At a relative distance from the top three States, Florida comes fourth with 5.57%, Washington with 5.33%, Massachusetts with 4.48% and Pennsylvania with 4.41% of the job posts. The East Coast seems to concentrate many CEE career opportunities since 4 of the top 7 positions come from this area. Away from the ocean shores, Illinois and Colorado are following with 4.06% and 3.75%, respectively, with New Jersey closing the top ten ranking with a percentage of 3.13%.