Our three founders created ENGEO in the early 1970s. The company was small—only including the three of them, a single administrative person, and summer help. In 1986, two new employees, one of them an original founder’s son (and now current President), created big plans for the company and began steering it even more successfully. They would organize the company around the clients and build it in a way that allowed customers to be served as they had never been served before. At the heart of the company remained a trademark commitment to always ensure the success of others.

By 1992 the firm had been transformed into what we know and appreciate today—namely, an employee-driven company with vitality, a strong entrepreneurial spirit, and people who are passionate about their profession. A place where the doors are left open and the organizational structure is flipped upside-down with the president at the bottom and employees having servant leaders, not managers. Each employee at ENGEO is committed to the good of our company, each other and especially our clients, just as much as the leaders who got us here.


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