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Job Description

Key Responsibilities

  • Provide geotechnical services in accordance with standard international practices in order to meet client expectations and contractual requirements.

  • Study and understand projects requirements, organise and implement appropriate ground investigation techniques with project management, and prepare engineering reports in consultation with senior geotechnical engineers.

  • Assist in planning geotechnical field investigations and supervise field personnel either remotely or on site.

  • Liaise with project managers to ensure engineering requirements are met during field works and confirm field tests are completed in accordance with project requirements.

  • Prepare laboratory testing schedules.

  • Assist in the management of data from fieldworks and laboratory testing.

  • Derive geotechnical engineering soil parameters and undertake engineering analyses.

  • Prepare factual and interpretative engineering reports under the supervision of senior geotechnical engineers.

  • Assist commercial team in preparing scopes of work and client proposal documentation.

Qualifications / Skills / Experience

  • Master’s degree or equivalent in Geotechnical Engineering.

  • Minimum 2 years’ experience as a geotechnical engineer.

  • Experienced with handling and laboratory test data.

  • Skilled in derivation of geotechnical engineering parameters.

  • Fluent in English with excellent report writing and communication skills.

Role Specific Technical Competencies

  • In depth understanding of soil and rock mechanics, shallow and deep foundation design, soil slope stability, foundation testing, etc.

  • Up to date with logging, laboratory and in-situ-testing standards and geotechnical engineering design methods and capable of knowledge transfer to other department members.

  • Experience in geotechnical software such as ALLPILE, LPILE, Settle, Slope/W would be advantageous.

  • Manage project logistics and technical requirements in coordination with senior geotechnical engineers and project managers.

  • Assess soil design parameters, perform engineering analysis, and prepare reports for review/approval prior client submission.

  • Able to work both independently and as part of a team.

  • Expected to attend client meetings with the support of senior geotechnical engineers.

  • Maintain good relationship with peers and other departments personnel (Operations, Laboratory and Commercial staff).

Role Specific Behavioural Competencies

  • Problem-solving/judgment: ability to observe, think critically and to solve problems using data, analysis, interpretation, and reasoning skills.

  • Teamwork: dedication and ability to work successfully with others in a team.

  • Information & Communication: The ability to receive information from and convey information to others timely and successfully, using appropriate language, and communication tools (spoken, written etc.).

  • Agility: the proven capability to be flexible, responsive, adaptive, and show initiative in times of change (e.g. priorities, work planning/location, skills/technologies, work processes, relationships), uncertainty and opportunities.

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