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Job Description

  AreaElectromechanical engineeringKind of positionFull-timeVacancies1SexIndistinct.SalaryNot specified.Publication date09/06/2023DescriptionSierra Gorda SCM is a Pioneer in Low Grade Mining, we seek to incorporate talents that contribute to continue building the path to the mining of the future. Our job offers are framed under law 21,015, which encourages the inclusion of People with Disabilities in the world of work.
Mission of the position: Generate structural repair policies, procedures, standards and inspections that reduce catastrophic failures.- Establishes the structural maintenance strategies of the equipment, generates its dissemination and implementation.- Controls the execution of structural maintenance strategies, verifies their correct understanding and execution in the field.- Manages engineering analysis of structural elements, proposes improvements and executes design modification projects.- Measure and manage your performance through indicators such as MTBF or MTTR.- Incorporates and promotes modern welding technology, stress relief procedures and productivity issues.- Audits the competencies of internal and external teams of welders and promotes training and/or certification activities for operators.
Our Ideal Candidate:

  • Mechanical Civil Engineer, Metallurgical Civil Engineer
  • 5 Years in Mining
  • B License
  • Welding processes

Location: Antofagasta, AntofagastaDisability: This vacancy is suitable for people with disabilities.
The selection process is carried out through Aira - a recruitment platform designed to improve your application experience.To apply you only need:- Stage 1 (Online): CV and Additional Questions- Stage 2 (Online): Tests and Video Interview- Stage 3 (In-Person): Personal Interview with Finalist CandidatesApplication deadline 10-22-2023Then, if we see that your profile fits what we are looking for, we will contact you by email (through Aira) to continue to the in-person stage.- Stage 1 (In-person): Technical Interview- Stage 2 (In-person): Medical Examinations and Evaluations- Stage 3 (In-person): Offer.When applying you will be notified exclusively via email about the status of your application.You must log in to be able to apply