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Job Description

Position Summary:This position requires the Team Member to be an experienced operator, that has the knowledge to carry out the Paving Foreman responsibilities in his absence without disruption to workflow. They will provide overall support directly related to the Paving Operation and ensure the project is completed in a Safe manner with quality and productive results. Responsibilities: 

  • Ensure a safe work environment in compliance with all safety policies and procedures.
  • Maintain good health status w/ability to lift a minimum of 50lbs. and flexibility to bend, push, pull, stoop and/or twist.
  • If sick, call your Foreman a minimum of 2 hours prior to designated start time.
  • Must be on site (30) minutes prior to start time. Review the project with the Foreman or Superintendent. Ensure project is ready and all equipment is on site, functioning properly, and in position for a prompt start. Perform a walk thru paying attention to Potential Hazards.
  • Notify Operations Coordinator with daily crew attendance.
  • Ensure proper layout to ensure the highest quality and productive practices are used.
  • Establish and maintain positive relationship.
  • Assist with Daily Huddle at the beginning of each shift followed by Stretch and Flex.
  • Report all Near Misses in a timely manner.
  • Supervise and coordinate activities for all Team Members under your supervision.
  • Monitor Paving Operations for proper depth, yield, cross slope and density.  Ensure that all specifications and project requirements are met with the highest quality.
  • Monitor number of trucks required for the Paving Operation.
  • Determine asphalt tonnage and mix type required.
  • Confirm and coordinate with Dispatch, all asphalt tonnage and mix types required.
  • Check load tickets to verify correct mix type is being delivered.
  • Ensure crew and trucks are always operating efficiently.
  • Be sure assigned equipment is always properly maintained and kept clean.
  • Report any necessary equipment repairs to the Shop Superintendent as soon as they become known.
  • Make sure all equipment is parked in a safe area in a neat and orderly fashion and accessible to transports. Know and understand the clear zone requirements. Place Type 2 barricades if needed making sure the equipment is not a hazard.
  • Be sure all equipment is fueled, filled with water at the end of each shift.
  • Be sure all operators are properly filling out a Daily Equipment Condition Report and turning them in Daily.
  • Be sure all Subcontractors time is verified and signed in and out each shift legibly. MUST PRINT NAME.
  • Inspect the project daily, prior to departing, to ensure work is complete with the highest quality and all cleanup is complete.
  • All Accidents/Incidents MUST be reported immediately to your supervisor and the Safety Department
  • Other duties as assigned


  • Safety and Quality orientated
  • Must Possess a valid Driver’s License
  • Must have experience with all aspects of the Paving & Milling Operation
  • Strong leadership skills
  • Must be proficient in the operation of all Paving Equipment
  • Excellent verbal communications skills
  • Organized; ability to multi-task; detail-oriented
  • Team Player with good interpersonal skills 

Team Member Competitive Benefits:

  • 401k Savings Plan with 25% Company Match
  • Health/Vision/Dental Insurance
  • Life/Disability Insurance
  • Paid Vacation/Holidays
  • FSA
  • Voluntary Benefits
  • Health Care Advocate
  • Tuition Reimbursement
  • Training
  • Team Member Referral Program

The Middlesex Corporation is an “Equal Opportunity Employer—Minorities, Females, Veterans and Disabled Persons”  

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