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Job Description

Drill Crew Chief II

Select Location: Wisconsin: Chippewa Falls, WI

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The Drill Crew Chief II is responsible for the overall operation of the drill crew and rig. They will supervise duties of Drilling Assistants, perform and oversee drilling activities, identify necessary vehicle maintenance, and provide routine maintenance and cleaning of the rig delivering services safely and efficiently.


Reasonable accommodations or workable solutions may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform essential functions.

Field work

   Set up equipment and operate the drill rig in a safe manner, for the purpose of obtaining soil and rock samples.

   Perform clearance of underground utilities/improvements.

   Team with the Drill Assistant in surveying test boring locations and elevations.

   Install monitoring wells and piezometers.

   Properly seal boreholes per regulatory requirements if needed. Also, properly backfill non-environmental boreholes.

   Clean/restore site to a reasonable level.

   Assist Drill Assistant in field logging as needed to increase efficiency and productivity, and maintain safety.

   Decide when underground utilities have been properly cleared.

   Judge access needs.

   Make judgments of appropriate (efficient/productive, but still maintaining the required level of accuracy and safety) drilling procedures to allow obtaining high quality samples based on soil, rock, and/or ground water conditions present.

Equipment Maintenance

   Identify necessary maintenance and cleaning on assigned drill rig, drilling tools/equipment and auxiliary vehicle, and provide necessary documentation. Perform routine maintenance and cleaning as needed. For other maintenance items, notify drilling mechanic and drilling supervisor.


   Supervise duties of Drill Assistant to ensure a safe and efficient operation.

   Review field logs and judge whether Drill Assistant is correctly recording soil classifications, geologic descriptions, soil layer contacts, and water levels.

   Ensure that all personnel around the drill rig (including Drill Assistant and visitors) follow company safety procedures (including wearing of PPE).


Conduct field, laboratory and office activities in a manner consistent with federal, state, and local regulations, along with AET’s QA and Health and Safety Policies, to promote the safety and protection of employees, clients and the public.

Maintain valid driver’s license and acceptable driving record. Some positions may require use of personal vehicle for company business. Maintain compliance with DOT driver regulations. Maintain appropriate physicals.

Maintain knowledge of regulatory requirements for sealing of environmental boreholes.

Accurately and completely fill out timesheets and Drill Crew Daily Log on a daily basis.

Participate in education and training. Review Geotechnical Field Manual and associated QA procedures, and have understanding of sampling/field log preparation requirements.

Evaluate access conditions and utility clearance risks and decides whether office contact (Drilling Supervisor or Project Engineer) is needed.

Evaluate encountered soil/groundwater conditions and decides whether office contact (Drilling Supervisor or Project Engineer) is needed to satisfy project quality and/or budget requirements.

Maintain a good, professional relationship with the client/owner when they are present.

Maintain the quality level of work needed for the project at an efficient rate, but still maintaining a safe manner.

Duties usually outdoors and away from the main office/laboratory location.

Frequent travel within the regional area. Occasional out-of-town travel.

Properly use and maintain company instruments and equipment.

Coordinate with other AET staff with the ultimate goal of increasing efficiency, productivity and communication.

Perform other job duties as needed to meet departmental and company goals.



A minimum of 3 years of prior experience as a Drill Crew Chief I.

Capable of the physical labor required including work at hazardous waste sites, with personal protective equipment.

Ability to: Frequently lift up to 80 pounds from a height of 30” regularly throughout the day (heavier items require handling with a two-person lift); Frequently carry up to 80 pounds for a distance of 15’-20’.

Ability to: Stand 80% of the day (often on uneven surfaces); Move 20% of the day, with frequent bending and stooping.

Demonstrated satisfactory proficiency in: hollow stem auger drilling, mud rotary drilling, thin wall tube sampling, monitoring well installation, and soil classification/logging.


Mechanical ability (operator, repair, maintenance, welding, etc.).

Working knowledge of well codes.

Class A or B Driver’s License.

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AET is proud to be an Equal Opportunity Employer; AA/EEO/Veterans/Disability friendly employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, sex, religion, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin or any other characteristic protected by applicable Federal, State, or local laws.