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Job Description

Candidates should have a minimum of two (2) years of experience within the area of mechanical piping and process piping design including pipe sizing for various fluids such as natural gas, water, and other liquids and gases, design of pressure regulating facilities, pipe support systems, and pipe installation technologies. The candidate is expected to work in a fast paced and dynamic environment. Knowledge of fluid dynamics and analysis tools is required. Knowledge of federal and state regulations governing the flow of liquids and gases flowing through pipelines is desirable. Associates Degree is required, BSME is preferred. EIT is required.


Research record information

Develop base mapping using AutoCAD

Layout piping and related appurtenances using AutoCAD

Detail connections between new and existing facilities using AutoCAD

Assemble and submit permit applications to jurisdictional agencies

Produce material lists

Develop record drawings using AutoCAD

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