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Job Description


Hayward Baker Inc. (HBI) is actively searching for a qualified Shaft Driller, specializing in the drilling of bored piles, to join our successful geotechnical construction team. HBI is one of the largest geotechnical construction companies in the United States offering competitive wages and opportunities for growth.


In addition to operating heavy equipment, applicants will be expected to perform basic labor tasks. These labor tasks require extensive physical activity including digging ditches and trenches with shovels and picks, backfilling excavations, lubricating and cleaning equipment, organizing construction materials and supplies, cleaning and preparing construction sites to eliminate rubble, debris and any other hazards, along with many other physical tasks required on typical construction sites. Applicant may also be expected to safely operate hand and power tools of all types including: jackhammers, drills, saws, grinders, concrete mixers, pneumatic tampers, etc.


Applicants must have documentation of three or more years of experience in the safe and efficient operation of varying types of Bored Pile rigs including, but not limited to; SoilMec SR and R series, and Watson 1100 to 3100 Series. Applicant will also be required to maintain equipment (Oil and service machines) as needed.

More experienced applicants will be tasked to operate specialized track mounted drills such as Klemm, Berretta, and TEI drills used in the geotechnical industry. Proper documentation and experience will be required. Actual pay rate and benefits are based on experience.

All applicants should possess acute visual perception abilities to accurately judge distances and will be expected to perform routine inspection and preventative maintenance on equipment. Tending and operating cement and concrete mixers, air compressors, generators, pumps and many other types of power equipment may also be required. Additionally, mechanical aptitude along with a background in auto mechanics and electronics to understand the fundamental principles involved in operating the drilling equipment is a requirement. 10-hour OSHA and First Aid & Safety training is preferred.

Applicants must possess the skills to work safely and efficiently at all times, be drug free, have reliable transportation to and from the jobsite, have valid identification, and must be eligible to work in the United States as verified through E-Verify. Extensive out of state travel at 4-5 wks at a time is required at times; all travel accommodations and expenses are paid by the employer.