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Hayward Baker Inc (HBI) is seeking applicants for the position of Project Engineer to join the engineering design team based in the Mid-Atlantic office located in Odenton, MD.

Hayward Baker is the leading Geotechnical Specialty Contractor in the United States, providing a full range of geotechnical construction services including soil improvement, foundation rehabilitation, support of excavation, slope stabilization, groundwater control, settlement control, liquefaction risk mitigation, foundations for structures, tanks, and embankments, etc.


The engineering design team provides engineering support and services within the company and provides the engineering for design-build projects. The engineering team uses a combination of advanced engineering methods, proprietary design approaches, numerical modeling, and sound engineering judgement to produce cost effective designs for HBI’s clients. The engineering team is also involved in quality control, safety, risk management, marketing, training, research and development, and operations.

The engineering design team collaborates with project managers and other design engineers from the Midwest to the Northeast. The Project Engineer position is primarily office based, however some travel will be required.


Minimum qualifications for the Project Engineer position are a MS degree in civil engineering with a geotechnical specialization or a BS degree in civil engineering combined with 5 or more years of acceptable experience in geotechnical design and/or construction. Registration as a Professional Engineer, excellent communication skills and proficiency with geotechnical engineering software and with the Microsoft Office software suite are desirable.

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