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Job Description

Pile Dynamics, Inc. (PDI) is the largest manufacturer of foundation dynamic testing

equipment in the world. The firm was founded in 1972 following pioneering research at

Case Western Reserve University in dynamic pile testing and the invention of the Pile

Driving Analyzer®

(PDA). PDI has a team of civil engineers, electronic engineers and

software developers who continue to improve and expand its product line and

capabilities in addition to offering deep foundation educational programs. The company

has a wide network of sales representatives spread from Asia to Europe to South

America resulting in the use of PDI products in more than 100 countries throughout the


Pile Dynamics, Inc. ( maintains its corporate headquarters in Cleveland

(Solon), OH.

Interested persons should send their cover letter and resume to

Any questions concerning the position or its duties should be addressed to All applications are due by January 31, 2018.


 The deep foundation testing industry is a specialized field in which Pile Dynamics

is the industry leader in terms of knowledge, skill, innovation and size due to its

unique history and connection to some of the founders of modern dynamic

testing. Since our inception, this testing sector has been growing consistently and

PDI with it.

 PDI is dedicated to pursuing excellence in quality assurance methods by

providing quality products with quality service for the deep foundation industry.

PDI understands itself as developing the next frontiers in deep foundation testing

technology and practice.

 PDI maintains a small firm attitude despite the fact that it has global sales. This

allows for a collegial and positive atmosphere despite the challenges of its

technology and work schedule.

 The considerable increase in sales over the years requires that more training be

performed, both for new users and for refresher courses. 

Position Summary

 Responsible for conducting trainings on all types of PDI equipment and software

in conjunction with other PDI training staff. This also includes providing client


 Assist in product development and marketing consistent with PDI requirements.

Level of Supervision

 Proactive interaction with training, engineering, sales/marketing and related

support departments to ensure on-time customer service needs are met or

exceeded as well as organizational plans and goals. Reports to PDI Training


Work Requirements

 Training of new system users and review training for current system users.

Trainings are mostly performed in Cleveland, though some clients may prefer

training at their location. Therefore, domestic and international travel is required.

 Develop and improve training systems and approaches to improve their efficacy

and efficiency, including the application of new technological training methods.

 Provide client support including answering queries from users and providing

analysis reviews.

 Participate in seminars and workshops being presented by PDI both domestically

and internationally. A minimum of one international trip per year in this context

and to support PDI representatives in their regions should be expected (in

addition to training trips).

 Work with PDI’s international representatives in meeting with clients and

government agencies to promote PDI products and methods.

 Assist in product development by checking new hardware and software (and

offering alpha-tester suggestions for improvement) and checking

hardware/software changes. This could include field testing equipment/software

on actual sites.

 Write or update operation manuals as well as online help files.

 Work on other code activities (such as IBC) or trade association committees,

including travel to meetings if required, to promote testing activity that is

beneficial and necessary to assure quality foundations.

 Write at least one technical paper or trade magazine article per year (can include


 Provide occasional testing services on construction sites including offshore


Required Qualifications/Education

 Fully knowledgeable of all PDI methods, equipment and software with an

aptitude for easily learning new products. A minimum of two (2) years of testing

experience with PDI products is required.

 Ability to communicate effectively in English, both oral and written, and on

individual, small group and large seminar basis (including the effective use of

visual aids for teaching purposes). Candidate must be able to demonstrate

teaching ability and vision.

 Ability to communicate and interface effectively with persons from any cultural

background or context, especially in a teaching context.

 Ability to conduct trainings and presentations in Spanish or Chinese,


 Master Level or higher on the PDCA/PDI Proficiency Test preferred.

 Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering or higher is preferred, though a candidate

with a Bachelor’s in Civil Engineering and strong experience will also be


 Organizational skills are a premium and the ability to execute in a timely manner

is essential.

 Must be willing to travel and without restrictions to anywhere in the world.

 Must be self-motivated and have a driven character.


 This is a full-time, salaried position.

 Benefits: PDI offers medical & dental insurance as well as long-term disability

and life insurance. Paid vacation and holidays as well as inclusion in the PDI

401(k) and ESOP retirement plans.