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Job Description


Independently evaluates, selects and applies standard engineering techniques, procedures and criteria, using judgement in making minor adaptations and modifications. Assignments have clear and specific objectives and require the investigation of a limited number of variables.


Performs work that involves conventional types of plans, investigations or structures with relative few complex features for which there are precedents

Assignments usually include one or more of the following: literature research, field exploration, interpretation of subsurface conditions and relevant engineering properties from field and laboratory data for use in engineering calculations, preparation of routine proposals and reports with supervisor guidance, and analyses requiring knowledge of principles and techniques commonly employed in the specific area of assignments.

Begin to develop client interaction and relationships

Begin to understand the concepts of business development.

Coordinate the work of CADD/GIS, technicians, subcontractors and others who assist in specific assignments, and interaction with field technicians and field personnel for quality control of geotechnical construction

Using prescribed methods, performs specific and limited portions of a broader assignment of an experienced engineer, including engineering calculations for typical geotechnical works such as bearing or load carrying capacity of shallow and deep foundations, stability of earth slopes and embankments, and triggering of liquefaction including calculations of ground accelerations

Apply standard practices and techniques is specific situations, adjusts and correlates data, recognize discrepancies in results and follows operations through a series of related detailed steps or processes.

Perform field exploration and prepare logs of test borings that include soil descriptions and relevant engineering data

Coordinates and performs quality control of field exploration activities including drilling rigs and excavation equipment

Perform subsurface investigations for residential, commercial and public works projects

Review and summarize laboratory test data

Perform engineering analyses for foundation designs, slope stability and seismic hazards

Review grading and foundation plans for conformance

Perform or supervise field technician work

Prepare design requirements, technical reports and proposals

Attend all required client, agencies and professional meetings.

Follow company policies and procedures and all safety procedures



Strong communication (verbal and written) skills

Previous Geotechnical engineering experience at the staff level, 0-3 years


Master's degree Geotechnical Engineering is preferred


Proficient in Microsoft Office

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