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Job Description


The successful candidate should be thoroughly knowledgeable with standard soil and concrete test methods performed by a field technician. The candidate must also be able to read and understand plans and specifications, keep an organized field file containing field and laboratory data, reports, letters, and other pertinent field documentation, and be able to communicate clearly with the Project Manager regarding all aspects of the field operations, including bringing on-site issues to the Project Manager's attention. The candidate should also be able to communicate clearly with the on-site client representative, the construction manager and/or inspector, and the contractor with regard to the soil or concrete requirements for the project.

Your responsibilities include:

The recommendations of the soils engineer, as described in the geotechnical reports are implemented by the earthwork contractor

Confirmation of adherence to current regulatory agency’s grading ordinances and building codes

Be attentive to detail and concentrate efforts on learning technical skills

Keep up-to-date on a daily basis, all current projects via project managers and other technicians

Prepare and Review all field paperwork, maps and test sheets and submit them daily/weekly

Communicate on a daily basis to the direct supervisor and project manager of each project, all progress and any special situations or problems

Follow company policies and procedures and all safety procedures

Certifications Desired:

City of Los Angeles Soils Deputy Grading Inspector certifications: Soils Technician and Soils Grading

American Concrete Institute (ACI) Concrete Field Testing Technician – Grade 1 Certification

Caltrans Certifications: CTM 125, 216, 231, 375, 504, 518, 523, 533, 539 and 540

40 Hour Hazwoper Training


High School Diploma, GED, 4-year college degree in Earth Science or Engineering is a plus

The successful candidate should have 8+ years of soil and concrete testing experience or equivalent

Must be able to lift 50-pounds regularly

Must have strong communications skills and be computer savvy – Word and Excel

Ability to read, analyze and interpret design plans and project instructions

Ability to write and submit daily reports to staff and clients accurately

Moisture Density Gauge qualified and certified (required)

Must have a valid draiver's license and a good driving record

Must have your own vehicle to be able to go off road on undeveloped property