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Job Description

We are offering an exciting opportunity for a Structural Engineer in our NYC office. We currently have numerous bridge inspection projects that include biennial and condition inspections for small and large scale fixed and moveable bridge structures. We are seeking the employment of a structural engineer to fulfill the duties of a team leader on these bridge inspection projects.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

·         Plan, schedule and coordinate field inspection operations

·         Reserve field equipment, inspection access equipment (snooper, access lifts, etc.) and maintenance and protection of traffic equipment/subcontractors

·         Coordinate with field operations of subconsultants

·         Review and submit documents for field conditions requiring interim repair (i.e. Flag Reports)

·         Supervise development and approve in-office support for field inspections, such as development of inspection documentation forms prior to field work

·         Perform field measurements, evaluate existing conditions and document findings in the field

·         Review the technical inspection reports

·         Supervise and review the preparation of analysis and ratings for the structure in question

·         Supervise and review the development of recommended construction documents for repairs of field conditions requiring interim repair (i.e. flagged conditions)

·         Meet with client for progress meetings, etc

·         Can understand and safely operate common inspection equipment, both mechanized and non-mechanized


·         BS or BE in Civil Engineering

·         Registered Professional Engineer in NY

·         Minimum of 3 years bridge inspection experience (TBTA, PANYNJ & NYSDOT preferable)

·         Excellent verbal and written communication skills

·         FHWA/NHI or NYSDOT Bridge Inspection Certification

·         OSHA, SPRAT or equivalent training