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If you are a geotechnical engineering student or professional looking for a new job, where should you head to? Where in the States are the most geotechnical jobs? In this article, we will tell you!

There are several routes to finding graduate jobs in geotechnical engineering; it’s all about doing the research and having the right information., the most comprehensive job directory in the Civil, Environmental & Construction Industry, has compiled a list of the places in the US with the most jobs for geotechnical engineers.

6,500+ CEE jobswere posted by in 2015; far more than any other CEE industry-specific job portal! After analyzing the data, we are now able to show you the ideal places to search for your new job. There is significant demand for geotechnical engineers in the US, as shown in the Map below. Geotechs are sought throughout the country, and especially the east and west coast. 

We present you the places with the greatest demand for geotechnical engineers:

  1. You may have a better chance of finding a good geotechnical position in North Carolina, New York or Louisiana. About 5.3% of Geotech jobs were posted in these states.

  2. The south seems to have more career opportunities than the north for geotechnical engineers. Texas is a hotspot with 8.8% of job openings posted there.

The best places for a geotechnical engineer are in the West and East: California (15.7% of posted jobs), especially the San Francisco Bay Area and the broader Los Angeles region, as well as Pennsylvania, with 15.8% of jobs.

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