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Job ID: #16524
Job Location India
Company Bentley Systems Inc.
Company Industry Construction/Architecture Technology
Job Role Civil-other
Employment Type Full-time
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Preferred Candidate

Career Level bachelor
Years of Experience 10
Residence Location India

Job Description

Senior Product Manager, Bentley Institute
Maharashtra, India
India - Pune
Posted: 11/04/2017
Updated: 11/04/2017
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As Product Manager/Senior Product Manager, Bentley Institute, you will own the software development group of Bentley Institute. It covers Bentley Developer Network (BDN), Bentley Institute Mobile app, Bentley Institute Legacy Technology Migration, Bentley Institute SharePoint Portals (internal and external).

Bentley Developer Network (BDN) – You will lead the initiative to germinate & nurture Bentley's next generation of product Application development programming interface, you will work closely with Bentley software development teams, the BDN team, and users in our BDN program to improve the overall quality, supportability, and end-user experience with Bentley’s most popular APIs and SDKs. This is a Product Manager role, expected to coordinate globally with multiple development team leads, BDN sales team, account managers, users, and other stakeholders.

Bentley Institute Mobile app – You will lead a team to develop a state of the art mobile app that will include various aspects of Bentley Institute (Academic, Research, Partners, etc.) to ensure continuous learning by our academic and commercial users around the world. This mobile app would be the first of its kind to embedded with cloud Technology and Connection center architecture.

Bentley Institute Legacy Technology Migration – You will coordinate with the Connection Center Development team of Platform group to align Bentley institute with Platform development. This would cover rejuvenating the student server interface to make them more user friendly for students & educators.


Bentley Institute SharePoint Portals – You will lead a team to develop & maintain the Bentley Institute SharePoint Portal to cover all facets of Bentley Institute. This portal is aimed to be the hub of all information of different groups of Bentley Institute, which should have a very intuitive navigational flow. It contains huge amount of diversified data layered, managed, updated and available to all colleagues and users.

Bentley Institute Content – You will lead a small team of engineers who will be SME not necessarily linked to a single product but with basic knowledge of multiple products and BIM solutions. This team focuses on technical deliberations with universities and commercial users for training program with an aim to enhance adoption. Guiding Training Partners to increase the quality and reach of training for our users, Collating and delivering content for Academic users, facilitating BIM

Advancement labs.


Bentley Developer Network (BDN)

•Leading a global team of Bentley developers and support engineers to enhance the user experience, by developing the next generation of Bentley’s most popular APIs and SDKs

•Innovating Marketing and sales strategy to enhance the global reach of BDN and adoption.

•Working towards BDN revenue growth, accountable for global BDN revenue.

•Motivating and leading the Bentley Institute sales team to consolidate and expand BDN adoption.

•Leading a team that assists BDN users worldwide, with programming support and training, improve user interactions, surveying existing users to gather requirements, and coordinating those needs with development lead.

•Coordinating with multiple Product managers, Development managers, Champions from Product advantage groups and other stakeholders

•Liaising with global sales team and work on business development plans, to increase adoption of SDKs

•Developing an optimized pricing model, in consultation with stakeholders

•Designing an innovative licensing model, to facilitate exponential growth in SDK adoption

•Making use of gamification and other innovative ideas to increase adoption of SDK

•Guiding team in research, validating, and providing helpful responses to issues and questions submitted by third-party application developers

•Aiding in creating new online programming content in the form of wiki articles, video blogs, and training content

•Creating new colleague onboarding processes, that ensure BDN team members’ work efficiently for benefits of third-party developers in the following areas:

A. Enhanced API/SDK third-party developer experience and adoption

B. Enhanced API/SDK code samples and documentation, for trending, useful, and necessary programming areas of interest

C. Enhanced API/SDK release quality

D. Provide detailed procedural and training documentation to support consumers’ requirement

Mobile app:

•Leading a team of developers to develop a new Bentley Institute Mobile app

•Understanding the requirements and translating them to design specifications.

•Leading the entire app life cycle: Requirements, Design, Development, Build, Test, Deployment, Distribution and Support

•Coordinating with Platform developer/architects for development

•Demonstrating the mobile app utilities to various stakeholders

•Coordinating with other Bentley Institute colleagues for content and design of the mobile app.

•Refining and maintaining the app, extracting the app data (user inputs) and analyzing them.

•Innovating Marketing strategy to popularize & increasing adoption of the app.

Legacy Technology Migration:

•Coordinating with Platform team management, developers & architects for revamping student server interface to produce a more user friendly interface for students and educators which is aligned with Bentley Platform architecture for Connection center.

•Creating an interface for providing access to eBooks of Bentley Institute Press for users (both academic & Commercial)

•Automating the LU processing system to eliminate the manual process and making it more accurate

•Helping to access Bentley Institute reports through QlikVew and data analysis.

SharePoint Portal:

•Creating a portal for organizing all Bentley Institute Data in a way which has easy navigation and provides access to all information.

•Designing the architecture of the portal and updating them as Bentley Institute diversifies and grows.

•Maintaining and Updating data so that it reflects the diversified Bentley Institute activities which exponentially grows with contributions from Bentley Institute colleagues, student, faculty & colleague ambassadors, students, educators, partners, Research fellows, Academy Managers, Press & 3rd part application developers using BDN.

Content creation & Delivery:

•Creating training Content for Universities & Training Partners from our existing contents, Colleague ambassadors, external vendors, experts & professors.

•Designing and executing a delivery mechanism of these contents to universities

•Train the trainer Program for Partners, which covers Product training, BIM solution training and BIM Process training

•Guiding Training Partners to increase the quality and reach of training for our users

•Technical deliberations with universities and commercial users for training program with an aim of enhanced adoption

•Coordinating with premier universities to establish a BIM advancement lab and execution of BIM Advancement training through colleagues & partners.

•Creating and executing Faculty Ambassador Program aimed at providing teaching/training content (Notes, Examples problem projects) for professors to adopt Bentley technology in curriculum

•Executing Student design competition

•Planning & scheduling Webinar, SIGS & Tech-talks for Academic users.

Essential Skills:

•SUMMARY: If you have been a successful leader of software development, or in a software-related industry, and managed widely distributed teams while connecting well in various arenas and delivered the requirements on time, then you are a potential candidate.

•10-12 years of experience as Software developer, with a minimum 5 years of experience leading a team to drive various programs and initiatives

•Engineering degree/MBA

•Substantial networking abilities and activities

•Familiarity with Bentley products

•Excellent written and oral communication, and strong presentation skills, are required.

•Ability to achieve success with minimal guidance, based upon objectives

•Willing to travel (both domestic & International)

Desired Skills:

•Knowledge of DgnDb

•Experience in MicroStation – Managed queries and provided solutions

•Development experience with multiple development environments and languages, including: Microsoft Visual Studio, Microsoft VBA

•Web and database programming and design

•Have worked with\ used online\cloud sales operations portals

  • Field of Practice: Civil-other
  • Industry: Construction/Architecture Technology
10 Years of Experience